OTPC: Trust in Omni-Tek. Two months on.
November 18th, 29488.

Eva Pourais made a special announcement this evening on behalf of Omni-Reform and Omni-Med.

“Ladies and Gentlemen of Omni-Tek. In light of September’s disgusting and de****able assault and subsequent capture of some of my colleagues I saw fit to activate the previously dormant Operation Broadsword.

Operation Broadsword has and always will be a last-resort measure for the protection and prevention of harm to the Directors of Omni-Tek. The Broadsword Network is one of the data centers that houses reclamation data, particularly those of high-ranking Omni-Tek officials.

Directors Wannja, McVert and Prestin were subjected to Op Broadsword and as result were subsequently remotely terminated at point of confirmation of capture.

I can confirm the individuals reclaimed successfully and have been in an intensive two month interrogation and scrutiny programme by Omni-Reform to confirm no foul play or corruption has taken place.

As of the 25th November 29488, after mandatory rest, the three Directors will return to active service.

Omni-Tek, as always; protects.”

OTPC: Trust in Omni-Tek. Two months on.