FJRK: Clan concerns over Omni-Tek announcement
November 18, 29488

In response to today’s earlier announcement from Omni-Tek CEO Eva Pourais, several lieutenants and ranking members of clans Terra Firma, The Sentinels and Unionists have expressed concern regarding the so-called Operation Broadsword:

“If they can remotely terminate their own executives and bring them back through the reclaim system, who is to say they can’t remote-terminate high-ranking Clan officials, or even Neutral observers, at will? How do we know that we’re safe?”

Insurance technology was developed by Omni-Tek and released to the general population in 29452, a full 2 years after ICC demanded that the technology was made available to all of Rubi-Ka’s population.

An anonymous source close to FJRK told us that clan scientists are scouring through what they can of the insurance and reclaim systems to make sure that any hidden bugs or trojans in the system are found and can be dealt with before something happens to any member of the clans.

FJRK will be back with more updates as the case progresses.

FJRK: Clan concerns over Omni-Tek announcement