Please note that The Advisors of Rubi-Ka is not a customer service group for Anarchy Online, so please direct all support related enquiries to Funcom, either through ingame petition or through their Customer Support form.

ARK Team contacts

You can contact the teams directly through email. These are the main contact points for each team:

Bug Hunters Team

All regarding Testlive:

Events Team

General questions, both out-of-character and in-character:

Articles for the Editors News:

 In-character communication to legacy characters:

Training Team

Problems with or questions regarding joining ARK should be directed to:

Community Relations Team

CR is the main contact point for players, in regards to anything OOC (and some IC) in the game of Anarchy Online.

Wedding requests/questions:

Tour requests:

Want to rejoin?

Want to rejoin the program send an email to:


your ARK name and a character name off the account you joined the program with the first time.

Examples of what you can submit to CR:

 Requests to have ARK attend your ingame event. Please provide us all details and the time in GMT.

 Request more information on the ARK program. For publication of some sort. i.e. fansite interviews

 Tours of the ARK playfield.
 Unsure of who to contact in ARK