Joining ARK


If you are interested in serving the Anarchy Online community as a member of the Advisors of Rubi-Ka, please read the information on this page and fill out our online application form.

Building the ARK

The dedicated individuals that helped to create the ARK program have an average of seven years of experience with various programs. They are all avid gamers that chose to participate in the hopes of making a program where player’s needs and desires are met.


At least one character Level 50 
Must be 18 or over 
Excellent English skills
Superb communication skills 
Good in game knowledge

Advisors need to devote several hours a month to the program. 

If you meet our requirements an online interview is required to assess in game knowledge and customer service abilities. 

ARK Duties

As a new ARK your main duties will be to greet players, assist them by answering questions and learn how to be a full ARK Advisor. As an Advisor you will take on the day to day duties of the Team you join. 

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Please note that The Advisors of Rubi-Ka is not a customer service group for Anarchy Online.

ARK Training

ARK has a full training program to ensure our Advisors are of the highest quality. This covers everything from how to greet, and perform the others services provided by ARK.

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