Looking for the chance to meet new people and perhaps find romance? Wishing you knew more of the history of Rubi-Ka and the background to its present conflicts?

Wondering how the Shadowlands came to be? Yearning for a pleasant, sight-seeing holiday? Look no further.

Cruise with ARK!

Learn the meaning of the wonders of the Xan in tours of Nascence (for lower-level tourists) and Elysium (for levels 120 and above).

The Omni-inclined can stroll with us through the key cities and visit the current centers of power and pleasure.

Clanners can discover hidden aspects of the rebellion and learn why the Atrox are at its emotional center (yes, it’s true)!

Nor does ARK Tours slight the Neutrals – many have made up their minds! Our tours of neutral areas will reveal gentle wonders and delightful surprises!

Why not take your whole player organization with you? We offer special tours at arranged times for your org, no matter how small or how large it may be. Why tag along with a bunch of strangers?

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