What is Project N.O.A.H?

As the year 29473 AD drew to a close, the ICC found itself under mounting pressure. The ICC, the regulatory council for all mega corporations and hyper corporations across the known galaxies, was under increasing criticism regarding their control over the growing number of corporations. The general public opinion was that the ICC was losing its grip on a few of the larger and more powerful hyper corporations and false rumors of bribery were beginning to circulate.

In an effort to mend public relations, denounce all charges of bribery and to strengthen its image in the public eye, the ICC began to undertake the task of constructing a department to aid the best interests of the public. The Advisors, as they were to be known, were designed to be a department consisting of people that would deal directly with the general public, assisting them with their problems, questions and concerns.

It was decided that in order to aid the public in any foreseeable way, Advisors would have to be nano-enhanced to a level superior to that of current standards. An expensive, and as of then untested, process was put into place by the ICC that enabled notum to be bonded directly with the body cells of the Advisor, allowing them to control nano technology in a way not yet seen before by science. There were hints of reports coming out of the ICC technology division detailing that not all Advisors survived the nano bonding process. According to some insiders, only the “worthy” were able to survive the harsh process.

As the ICC continued to build the Advisor department, they maintained their experimentation with nano-enhancement technology, known as Neo-Technology. Advancements were made month after month, with each improvement requiring more credits for funding. The program needed to move into the next phase of operation. The ICC planned to spread the Advisors across the galaxy but the foundation for the program needed to be constructed. This phase would move the program closer to the source of the mineral Notum, so the Advisors could have easy access to the one vital element of the program while they would grow in numbers and develop an administrative structure of a non-profit organization. It was unanimously agreed that moving to Rubi-Ka was the most logical choice for the benefit of the Advisors.

When they arrived, the nano-enhanced Advisors experienced a strange reaction to the Notum dusty planet. Confused by this new environment and psychological changes, they stayed hidden from the public view for a long time, watching and learning about the lands and people of Rubi-Ka. These changes enhanced the Advisors to a new level only previously discussed in theory – they were developing into Genetic Manipulators. On Rubi-Ka, the Genetic Manipulators had seen the conflict between Omni-Tek and a number of clans, referred to by many as the Rebels. Observing the pain and suffering of both planet and it’s inhabitants, the Genetic Manipulators realized they had been presented with a chance to use the gifts and ideals they were born and bred to use.

The newly formed Genetic Manipulators learned they could accomplish new abilities and soon they were confident enough to invite a selected group of Rubi-Ka citizens to begin their training as Advisors. The Genetic Manipulators had observed these citizens for quite some time and saw in them the knowledge and true compassion for all of the inhabitants of Rubi-Ka. The Genetic Manipulators enhanced their bodies to new levels using their knowledge of Neo-Technology. This first group of Advisors would be known as the Founders.

The Founders developed the infrastructure to swell their numbers so they could train more candidates, as they were called, and enhance them into Advisors. More Advisors meant more help for the citizens of Rubi-Ka.

When they were ready, the Advisors and GM’s revealed themselves to the people of Rubi-Ka, knowing full well that the only way to help these citizens was to provide humanitarian aid to all. The Advisors’ official and moral stance of the conflict would be neutral so they could assist all citizens that came to them, regardless of their affiliations or politics.

Traveling from city to town, from landmark to outpost, and from desert to sea, the Advisors spread the word of their intentions and pure concern for the inhabitants of Rubi-Ka. Citizens that had been aided by the Advisors began to donate credits or items as a token of their thanks. Rubi-Ka, being a planet leased by a hyper corporation and a home to many wealthy citizens, had quite a lot to offer the Advisors, and they soon found themselves with suitable funds to purchase and maintain their own Neo-Technology infrastructure and to build offices in major cities so they could be available to all in need.

Today, the Advisors wander the plains, mountains, deserts and forests of Rubi-Ka, conversing with its inhabitants, assisting the many and befriending all. They keep an impartial attitude, knowing that interfering in the conflict would most definitely cause more harm than good. Reporting to the ICC and recruiting neutral citizens, the Advisors maintain their presence and ideals upon Rubi-Ka, preserving life and aiding all that are blessed with it. It is known in the nano-enhanced heart of all its members, that they truly are Advisors of Rubi-Ka.