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The Advisors of Rubi-Ka are recruiting

Yes, it is true! ARK is finally recruiting again.

Do you want to join a group of veteran players of Anarchy Online, and help create some fun for other players? Do you want to help new players get accustomed to the world of Rubi-Ka? Help squish some bugs or even be an official Marriage Registrar?
Come join us! It's fun!

Advisors of Rubi-Ka

In the game of Anarchy Online, The Advisors of Rubi-Ka are a special group of veteran players who freely volunteer their time and energy. It is the Advisors number one wish to further enhance the overall game experience of every player they meet on their way.

ARK is divided into several teams that allow members to concentrate on specific tasks. However unlike many other volunteer programs, all Advisors are able to assist in most activities run by teams they are not part of. E.g. All Advisors can be part of events run by the events team.

Volunteers enter ARK as a “Greeter”. Greeters are the first point of contact for users to the Advisors. The Greeters roam the starter areas and cities looking for players to assist on Rubi-Ka.

After being in the program a little while, Greeters may continue their training to Assistant Advisor to learn about our teams before they become a full Advisor, assisting one or more of the ARK Teams.

Responsible for the Testlive environment and for helping us track down various issues with the game, the Bug Hunters Team is one of our best lines of defense against any issues which may creep their way into the game.

Bug Hunters routinely aid the development team and customer service staff by tracking down and rooting out issues with the game on our test servers, helping to ensure the best, smoothest gameplay experience possible.

The Events Team is our personal storytelling squad, whose knowledge of the game world and setting enables them to create amazing roleplaying opportunities for players both in-game and out.

Responsible for maintaining the day-to-day stories of Rubi-Ka as well as portraying important in-game characters, the Events team has a proud tradition of bringing the setting and story of Anarchy Online to the masses.

Community Relations members are responsible for many facets of our ‘outward face’ to the Anarchy Online public, and fill in roles such as offering weddings, giving guided tours, hosting in-game parties, producing comics and other graphical media, as well as making up the brunt of our forums moderation staff.

The Community Relations team wears many hats, all of them vital and important to the day-to-day functions of Anarchy Online.