IRRK: General Warning Sounded: Threat issued by Unit One
February 22nd, 29489

At 10:45RST this morning, a rift opened in Borealis and cyborgs began pouring into Borealis, attacking the general population.

Whilst the attacks themselves were not unusual, and have been on the rise in the last week, what was concerning was the threat that was issued shortly after the first wave of cyborgs were taken down.

The voice that came through the portal was quite recognisable by Borealis’ internal sensors as Unit One. At the start of the threat, three corpses were dumped through the portal, picked clean of organs, clearly used for replenishing cyborgs.

“Citizens of Borealis. Your time is at an end. Enjoy what time you have left for come this time tomorrow all of Rubi-Ka shall serve me.”

Approximately 20 cyborgs were killed in the attack. Whilst the threat on it’s own is concerning, coupled with the recent breaking news from Omni-Tek and the Council of Truth, something is happening.

IRRK warns all citizens of Rubi-Ka to be on their guard.

IRRK: General Warning Sounded: Threat issued by Unit One