Omni-AF and Omni-Pol diligently defend Notum cannons.
February 18th, 29489

In response to a report the Notum Cannons were threatened, Omni-AF and Omni-Pol respond.

It was reported that the wanted fugitive, Kaleb “Ethand” Chase was sighted in the facility. His intent was unknown at the time but we have later learned he made some threats to “disrupt the notum flow” to deal a financial blow to Omni-Tek.

Geoffrey “Mrmol” Bradford of OTAF, and Sara “Gumiho” Renard of Omni-Pol were the first on scene, followed shortly by Major Rashinen Rintaro. After a heated battle, Kaleb fled the scene and whereabouts are still unknown at this time. Report any sightings of him immediately to the nearest Omni-Pol or Omni-AF personnel.

The following statement was released and approved by Major Rintaro: “We will hunt this threat down and end it once and for all. We are working around the clock to end their reign of terror. We have a possible lead on tracking him and Bahirae that Sergeant Renard is working on. I have full confidence she will crack it and this nightmare will be over once and for all.”

OTPC: Omni-AF and Omni-Pol diligently defend Notum cannons.