OTPC Freelance: Rejoicing as Omni-Tek reunites families
November 26, 29488

Hundreds of families across the planet celebrate as Omni-Tek successfully returns their long lost family members safe and sound.

When neutral terrorist Cora Jones created a group of extremists, she kidnapped many Omni-Tek employees, mostly from Omni-Security, shattering the lives of many families. Whilst Omni-Reform aided the families during these difficult times, Omni-Tek never stopped searching for its people and vowed to return them home.

Omni-Tek managed to infiltrate and destabilize the newly found extremist group before any acts of terrorism could be carried out. The group, now disbanded, has had its leaders arrested and after vigorous and thorough analysis from Omni-Reform to ensure no lasting damage has taken place, the members of Omni-Tek that were kidnapped have been returned to their families and former positions within our great corporation.

Investigation into the whereabouts of the group’s leader, Cora Jones, has confirmed that there is no current insurance pattern on Rubi-Ka for her. Omni-Tek intelligence placed the disgraced female opifex in the Shadowlands and therefore assumes she has been terminated by one the many ferocious organisms that live there.

We here at the OTPC extend our thanks to all those who worked to reunite our family and make us whole again.

Omni-Tek Protects.

OTPC Freelance: Rejoicing as Omni-Tek reunites families