IRRK: New Ministers named for Newland City
December 19, 29488

Announcement from the office of Mayor Zephrem King, Newland City.

As the holidays wind into full swing, the announcement has been made as to the names of those who have been appointed (or in one case – retained) as Ministers for the City of Newland. “As the New year rolls in for those on Rubi-ka, it will also begin a new breath for the City of Newland.”, quoted the Mayor as he made the announcement. The Mayor also mentioned that he is looking forward to working with those who put their names forward for the positions, a sentiment that was seconded by General Hekkat.

The appointed Ministers are:

Trade: “Leileena” Chan.
Security: Joe “Accellerator” Blackwolf
Science: Doctor “Towerblock”
Foreign Affairs: Katelin “Falikos” Phare

IRRK: New Ministers named for Newland City