FJRK: Redeemed attacked by Cyborgs
January 3rd, 29489

In a callous and unprovoked attack this morning, sixty cyborgs tore a rift into the Garden of Aban using a corrupted version of a garden key. The cyborgs entered the garden, slaughtering any and all redeemed on their path and then spread out through the network to attack separate sites.

While thankfully the Redeemed are immune to the cyborg conversion process, Kelesar Vel Aman’s recently established team of cyborg hunters were at the Redeemed base: Silence. With such a fast paced and unprecidented attack the group were caught off guard, infected and thrown from the island.

No further contact has been made with the individuals who are assumed to have been integrated into the cyborg network. Their comm units went offline at approximately 9:05am RST.

Recent Knights of Avalon patrols into the Cyborg base in HQ reveals the comm network system to have been picked clean, whether by crazed bandits, brave adventurers or cyborgs wishing to rebuild their former comm network, we at FJRK have yet to know.

Kelesar Vel Aman was unavailable to comment at the time of this incident.

FJRK: Redeemed attacked by Cyborgs